The Ridge Berry Farm Tea Room


A portion  of our Victorian barn has been transformed into a restaurant operating as the Ridge Berry Farm Tea Room.

In a wonderful and now enclosed veranda setting, guests can enjoy the tastes of Pelham and Niagara. Now licensed to serve local wine and craft beer, our philosophy is one of "farm to table". Whether you are looking for a unique setting for a hearty lunch or light dinner, our Table d'Hote Tea Menu is seasonally crafted to highlight the delicacies of our farm and those of local growers.  

Certified by FeastON

Our Tea Room was one of the first Niagara restaurants to be certified by the FeastON program of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance.

The FeastON program aims to promote establishments dedicated to the use of local produce. In a sense, the program is developing the concept of Ontario "terroirs" which is very much our hope in this small but very special corner of Niagara.

Our Tea Selection


  • Black tea from the Assam valley, in India. This is afternoon tea at it's best. Soft, malty yet floral.

Earl Grey (Canada ceritfied organic)

  •  A derivation from the classic,bergamot scented, black tea with pieces of orange peel, and rape flowers.

Lapsang Souchong (Canada certified organic)

  • A Russian favourite, dried Chinese black tea, prepared over pinewood. An acquired taste, but amazing with charcuterie.

Green Elepant (Biodynanic)

  • Pleasingly sharp, green tea notes with a slight bite.

Midnight Jasmine (Canada certified organic)

  • Chinese green tea leaves flavoured with jasmine flowers. Delicate,clean yet floral.

Chamomile (Canada certified organic)

  • Egyptian flowers in this tisane make for a non-caffinated pot. Intense yellow with a strong perfume.

Red Rooibos (Canada certified organic)

  • A non-theinated tisane, from South Africa, intensely red with a sweet, nutty, bouquet and flavour.

Iron Goddess of Mercy/ Guan Yin (Canada certified organic)

  • A chinese oolong tea, with a mild green tea flavour, but the body of a black tea. 

Hours of Operation

The Tea Room is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  We operate 9 months of the year and are closed for the Winter.

For reservations, please call 289-897-8943, or email us at

We will cater special events. Call us for more information.